Happy New Year 2020

Academic Director

Dear Parents, Students are the most important assets of any country & the most important human resource for its overall development. A school provides a setting outside home where children acquire knowledge & skill to grow into productive & capable citizens who can involve, support & help their communities to grow & prosper.

Maxwell High School is a hub where education & co-curricular programmes create a Joyful & Happy environment that promotes diversity in learning & evolving.

At Maxwell High School we ensure that responsibility should not end with the teaching of sciences, developing sensitivity of arts & learning history etc. We ensure that children move beyond all these & pass them the knowledge of life as well.

Maxwell High School community shares with parents to ensure seamless transition of values from one level to another just as wisdom is.

A journey through this website will give you insights into what Maxwell High School stands for, its facilities, services & resources.

Regards Academic Director

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