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We do not just stress the academic part of education but adopt an approach aimed at all round development of the student. The subjects and activities have been structured to suit the needs of various ages and classes.

Minimum Age Required

Class Age as on 1st April
Std. I 4 years 6 months to 5 years 6 months
And Onwards


At present, admission is only open from Std. I to Std. VIII, however, parents can make enquiries from the month of February 2019 for admission to Std. IX. Admission to Std. IX shall only be considered in case of vacancy.

Cost of the Prospectus and Registration form for admission is as follows:–

  • Std. I to VIII — Rs. 250/-(Rupees Two hundred ) only ; can be obtained from the school office
  • The Registration form for admission to the school can also be downloaded from the link given below.

    Link to Download Registration Form

    It should be duly filled in and submitted with the required documents and certificates as mentioned below, by the stipulated date.

    For Downloaded forms — Payment for Registration form shall be made at the School itself at the time of submission of the Registration form. Please do not forget to ask for a hard copy of the School Prospectus after the aforesaid payment has been made.

    Admission will be considered on merit and on first come & first get.

    **Registration fee is non-refundable and registration is no guarantee for admission.

    Documents Required

  • Municipal birth certificate (Photocopy)
  • Two passport size coloured photographs
  • Progress report(Photocopy) & Transfer Certificate (original) (for Std. -I onwards)
  • Fee Structure

    1. Registration fees (Payable once at the time of registration-Non-refundable – Only applicable for new entrants)
    Nur to X 250.00
    2. Admission fees (Payable once at the time of admission-Non-refundable – Only applicable for new entrants)
    Nur to UKG 2000.00
    Std. I to VI 3500.00
    Std. VII to X 4000.00
    3. Tie,Belt,Diary,IC fees
    Nur to UKG 300.00
    Std. I to X 350.00
    4. Monthly fees (Payable every month) as below:
    Nur to UKG
    Tuition Fee 950.00
    Tuition Fee 1150.00
    Tuition Fee 1350.00
    Tuition Fee 1550.00
    Tuition Fee 1650.00

    Special Charge : Rs.500/-(Shall be charged two times in academic year)

    1. The School Fee and Bus Fare(if availing bus) are to be paid monthly from 1st to 25th (working days only) of every month between 8.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. at the school Fee Counter.

    2. Late payments can be made from 1st to 15th of next month with a late fine of Rs. 25/- p.m. for every unpaid month.

    3. If the arrears remain unpaid consecutively for two months, the school would have no other option but to take an unpleasant decision of debarring the student from availing the school services. Readmission in such cases may only be considered (subject to availability of seat) on payment of all outstanding dues and re-admission charges, fine etc. An amount of Rs. 500/- has to be paid as re-admission charges. Students whose fee remains as an arrear would be debarred from taking the 1st term/Final exams until their dues are cleared.

    4. The Fee for the month of March is to be paid alongwith the fee of February respectively.

    5. Charge for group photograph, educational trip & school magazine has to be paid as per the notification.

    6. No reduction in fee will be made on account of absence, holidays and broken periods.

    7. The amount of the school fee and other charges are the subject to revision from time to time.

    8. Parents are required to make the payments within the stipulated period to avoid late payment fine and also to help us run the institution smoothly.

    9. Parents would be given an original copy of “BILL CUM PAYMENT RECEIPT VOUCHER” in lieu of payment made by them.

    10. Parents are requested to keep the said receipts as a proof of payment made, if required and time later.

    11. Part payments are not accepted.

    12. Full year’s fee can be paid in advance if it is convenient to the parents.

    Courses of Study

    Std. I to VIII

    English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, G.K., Moral Education, Sanskrit (Class VI onwards), Music, Arts and Health Education.

    Std. IX and X

    English (Communicative), Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science,

    Exams & Promotion

    1. There will be one terminal and one final examination during one academic year. Before all these examinations there would be unit tests which would be conducted time to time.

    2. Marks obtained by the students in the unit tests and in the terminal examination will be taken into account along with the final examination.

    3. The students of Std. I to Std. VIII would be assessed by way of grading.

    4. The unit test exercise books would be sent to the parents through the children to enable them to see the progress of their ward. Parents should kindly send back these exercise books duly signed the next day.

    5. The terminal report and the final report would be given out only to the parents in the Parents-Teachers Meeting (PTM) day (to be held just before end of each term). These reports are to be collected by the parents personally and should be returned according to the date mentioned in the report card.

    6. Students must have at least 75% attendance and should at least secure 40% marks in aggregate (cumulative of Terminal and the Final) in each subject to get a promotion to the next higher class.

    7. Students absent from an examination or unit test for any reason whatsoever will not be re-examined. In case of absence due to illness, a doctor’s certificate will be required. Absence for any other reason will not be condoned.

    8. If a student misses any examination due to illness, promotion will be on the basis of performance during the year and at the discretion of the Principal.

    9. Results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered .

    10. On the subject of promotion or failure the Principal’s decision will be final and can’t be questioned.

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