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School Policies

Policies and Practices Affecting Students
The policies and practices affecting students are those aspects of a school's operation that organize students' experiences within the institution. The school defines the policies for students based on the CBSE curriculum and notices by the school management time to time.

Attendance Policies for Students:
• The student must have 75% attendance throughout the academic session for attending examinations.
• In case of absence (more than 4 days in a month) , the students need to come to school with their parents.

Homework Policies for Students:
• The student must submit their copies as per the scheduled notebook on submission date.
• The students may take help to complete their homework from different sources ( like internet, parents, other persons, books) as directed by the class teacher time to time.

Discipline Policies for Students:
• The students must maintain the classroom activity. They must follow rules and regulations laid by the school for betterment of school environment.
• If any student is found guilty of indiscplinary activity during school or after school, he might be restricted from the school.

Complaint Policies by students/guardians:
• If any students are having problem with the other student, he must tell his/her respective class teacher.
• If there is any issue related to vehicle, the guardian will contact the transport incharge either over phone or meeting personally.
• If there is any issue/complaints related to Accounts, the guardian must meet the Accounts department during school hours.

Demand of any documents from school
• The guardians are requested to give a prior application a day before, if they need any kind of documents.

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